about DULA

DULA is a Berlin and Los Angeles-based diaspora art collective born out of a mutual interest and understanding that care and sense-based knowledge can serve as revolutionary tools to transform ourselves and the world around us.

We believe soft forms of power can ultimately help us to find collective solutions for healing, to celebrate our differences, and to remember the commonalities that exist between us.

#SoftPower #DiasporaArt

DULA is Ash Baccus-Clark, Black futurist, speculative neuroscientist, writer; Alexis Convento, Pilipinx-American cultural producer, taste artist; Ludmila Leiva, Guatemalan-Slovak-Canadian multidisciplinary designer, illustrator, storyteller; Chaveli Sifre, Puerto Rican artist focusing on scent as a medium.

We create experiences and installations, show up at conferences, write and illustrate, and more.

Want to work together? You can reach us at dula.worldwide@gmail.com.

︎Berlin ︎Los Angeles