Tastes Like Home | In collaboration with the Institute for Endotic Research, Berlin, Germany, Summer 2020

Nourishment and connection; a new flavor; a different world; an old memory; an ancestral homeland. Food has always been a bastion of resistance, another form of oral history that connects us to our traditions, ancestors, and embodiment, through textures and flavors.

For our first installation, we chose to share a taste of our stories and our motherlands in the form of dessert.

We created a series of candies born out of inspirations from our homelands, and designed an installation to invite guests to move through the space, mindfully addressing displaced resources and bodies as they ingested history in the form of sweets.

The central question of this project was:

Can the act of consuming knowledge through taste prompt us to readdress our place in society, by a broadening of our capacity to empathize, to form thoughtful solidarity with one another?
Flavor Profiles:

🍬 Rosa de Jamaica Pasilla de Oaxaca • chili de arbol • lime leaf. Tart, spicy, floral. Nostalgia for the valley.

🍬 Coconut Mango tamarind dust • acerola. Creamy, comforting, sour. An ode to the non-operating family coconut farm in the Philippines.

🍬 Ashanti pepper Korarima grain • cacao. Fresh, medicinal, bitter. Sweetness in the Gris-gris, reminiscent of notes from West Africa and Ethiopia.

🍬 Guava Coconut creme • Himalayan pink salt. Fruity, saline, beachy. Distant memories of guava trees by the sea.

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